Time will pierce the surface or youth, will be on the beauty of the ditch dug a shallow groove ; Jane will eat rare!A born beauty, anything to escape his sickle sweep .-- Shakespeare 雅思 G 类作文书信经典范文 15 篇—请求信 题目: 题目: You have lost your credit card. Write a letter to the bank manager, explain where and how you lost it and any other relevant details. Ask the manager to cancel the old card and send you a replacement one.(请求信) (请求信) 范文: 范文: Dear Sir, I am writing to confirm earlier today. 亲爱的先生: the loss of my credit card. I telephoned your office 我写信的目的是确认我丢失的一张信用卡。我今天早些时候曾致电您的办公室。 The details of my card are as follows. It is a Master-card in the name of Kenny Gao. The credit card number is 3241 3578 6688. I have had it since 1999. This card is valid from 1999 to 2008. 我那张卡的细节如下: 这是一张万事达卡, 户名是 Kenny Gao, 号码是 3241 3578 6688, 我从 1999 年到现在一直在用着它,其有效期是 1999-2008。 I lost the card yesterday (September 8, 2006) at about 10:30 in the morning. The only time I used the card that day was to buy a pair of sports shoes at Carrifour on Jinqiao Road. By accident, I left the card at the cashier the shop assistants there could not find the card. 我是昨天(2006 年 9 月 8 日)早上十点半左右丢失它的。我当天唯一用卡的时间是在金 桥路上的加乐福购买一双运动鞋时。无意间,我将卡留在了付款台上了,但店里的服务人员 没能找到它。 ’s, but Could you please cancel my card immediately and make the necessary arrangements to issue me with a replacement card? I can be contacted at the following address: Room 201, No. 32, 555 Lane, Huashan Road. Should you ever wish to call me, here is my number: 123456789. 您能否马上将该卡取消掉,并做必要的安排给我办理一张新卡?按以下地址可以联系到我: 华山路 555 弄,32 号 201 室。如果您想给我打电话,这是号码:

123456789。 Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you. 谢谢您的协助,期盼收到您的答复。 Yours faithfully, Kenny Gao 您真诚的 Kenny Gao

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