19-3034; Rev 0; 10/03

Dual-Phase, Parallelable, Average-Current-Mode


General Description

The MAX5038A/MAX5041A dual-phase, PWM controllersprovide high-output-current capability in a compacto+4.75V to +5.5V or +8V to +28V Input Voltagepackage with a minimum number of external compo-Rangenents. The MAX5038A/MAX5041A utilize a dual-phase,oUp to 60A Output Current

average-current-mode control that enables optimal useof low RDS(ON)MOSFETs, eliminating the need for exter-oInternal Voltage Regulator for a +12V or +24Vnal heatsinks even when delivering high output currents.Power BusDifferential sensing enables accurate control of the out-oTrue Differential Remote Output Sensingput voltage, while adaptive voltage positioning providesoptimum transient response. An internal regulatoroTwo Out-Of-Phase Controllers Reduce Inputenables operation with input voltage ranges of +4.75V toCapacitance Requirement and Distribute Power+5.5V or +8V to +28V. The high switching frequency, upDissipationto 500kHz per phase, and dual-phase operation allowoAverage-Current-Mode Control

the use of low-output inductor values and input capacitorSuperior Current Sharing Between Individualvalues. This accommodates the use of PC board-Phases and Paralleled Modulesembedded planar magnetics achieving superior reliabili-ty, current sharing, thermal management, compact size,Accurate Current Limit Eliminates MOSFET andand low system cost.

Inductor Derating

The MAX5038A/MAX5041A also feature a clock inputoLimits Reverse-Current Sinking in Paralleled(CLKIN) for synchronization to an external clock, and aModulesclock output (CLKOUT) with programmable phase delayoIntegrated 4A Gate Drivers

(relative to CLKIN) for paralleling multiple phases. TheMAX5038A/MAX5041A also limit the reverse current inoSelectable Fixed Frequency 250kHz or 500kHz percase the bus voltage becomes higher than the regulat-Phase (Up to 1MHz for Two Phases)ed output voltage. The MAX5038A offers a variety of fac-oFixed (MAX5038A) or Adjustable (MAX5041A)tory-trimmed preset output voltages (see Selector Guide)and the MAX5041A offers an adjustable output voltageOutput Voltagesbetween +1.0V to +3.3V.

oExternal Frequency Synchronization from 125kHzThe MAX5038A/MAX5041A operate over the extendedto 600kHztemperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and are availableoInternal PLL with Clock Output for Parallelingin a 28-pin SSOP package. Refer to the MAX5037A andMultiple DC-DC ConvertersMAX5065/MAX5067 data sheets for a VRM 9.0/VRM 9.1-compatible, VID-controlled, adjustable output voltageoThermal Protectioncontroller in a 44-pin MQFP/thin QFN or 28-pin SSOPo28-Pin SSOP Package




Servers and Workstations

Point-of-Load High-Current/High-DensityTelecom DC-DC RegulatorsNetworking SystemsLarge-Memory ArraysRAID Systems

High-End Desktop Computers

Pin Configuration appears at end of data sheet.

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