工程硕士研究生英语基础教程(英译汉Unit1-9) 5. As the Net pushes the economy ahead rapidly, look on the conflict as more than simply the Unit 1

A. 1.Two noted Americans explain why it’s not what you earn-it’s what you learn. 两位美国名人解释为什么不是你所挣的而是你所学的更重要。 2.I have never thought I was better than anyone else, but I have always believed I couldn’t be outworked.


3.Watching my money grow was more rewarding than anything I could have bought. 看着存款数增加比我当时原本可以买到的任何东西都更让我满足。

4. I took a genuine interest in their questions and was able to translate what they wanted into makeup ideas. 我发自内心地关心她们的问题,并能理解她们的愿望,给她们出些该如何化妆的点子。5. I ended up selling a record amount of cosmetics.

结果我创下了化妆品销售量的最好成绩。 Unit2

A.1. With the click of a mouse, information from the other end of the globe will be transported to your computer screen at the extremely fast speed of seven-and-a-half times around the earth per second.


2. Besides, if everyone shops on the Net, what will happen to the hundreds and thousands of shopping malls? 此外,如果大家都在网上购物,那么成千上万的购物中心该怎么办呢? 3. The huge power of electronic commerce (e-commerce) will change the face of trade dramatically. 电子商务的惊人威力会使贸易的局面发生激动人心的巨变。

4.the development of e-commerce may well bring the world into a brand new era of “e-lectronic currency”


the economy is also bringing the Net market forward, resulting in the Internet itself becoming the world’s largest emerging market. 在网络化高速地推动经济发展的同时,经济也反过来促进网络市场的发展,其结果是国际互联网本身将成为全球最大的新兴市场。 Unit 3

A. 1.So, if you lose a key species, you might cause a whole flood of other extinctions. 所以,如果失去一个重要的物种,那也许会引起大量其他物种的绝迹。

2. Instead of depending on largely ineffective laws against illegal hunting, it gives local people a good economic reason to preserve plants and animals.


3. With corruption popular in many developing countries, some observers are suspicious that the money will actually reach the people it is intended for. 由于许多发展中国家普遍存在腐败,一些观察家对这些钱财实际上能否到达应该接受这笔财物的人们手中表示怀疑。 4. Sustainable management of forests requires controls on the number of trees which are cut down, as well as investment in replacing them. 森林的可持续管理既需要投资种植新树以取代被砍伐的数木,也需要对被砍伐树木的数量进行控制。 5. In theory, consumers would buy only this wood and so force logging companies to go "green" or go out of business. 理论上讲,消费者只能购买这些获得认可的木材,这将迫使伐木公司开始保护“绿色”,否则将无生意可做。 Unit 4

A. 1.The trend began in earnest in 1995, when the Queen of England admitted that the Maori people of New Zealand had been shamefully treated, when the country was a British colony.这个潮流是从1995年才真正开始的。当时英国女王承认当新西兰还是英国的殖民地时,新西兰的土著毛利人曾遭到英国人的羞辱。 2. Many political leaders, like most of their citizens, belong to post-war generations, who now

victory of good over evil. 许多政治领袖,和他们的国民一样,属于战后的一代,他们现在认为那次战争并不是简单的正义战胜邪恶的战争。 3. But it's not just a sense of conscience, nor demands from pressure groups, which lies behind these apologies. 支撑这些道歉的并不仅仅是良心的发现,也不仅仅是压力群体的要求。

4. The Swiss government is still trying to put right the public-relations disaster that resulted from their partial apology for Switzerland's dealings with the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. 瑞士政府仍然还在试图摆平一场公共关系的彻底失败,其发生的原因在于他们对他们国家在20世纪30和40年代与纳粹分子的交往所做的道歉是有失公允的。 5. So academic, in fact, that there is a concern that “sorry” might turn out to be the easiest word after all.

事实上,这些风险是如此的空泛,以至于有一种担心,认为“对不起”这个词居然会成为一个脱口而出的说辞。 Unit 5

A.1. The irony is that children start out as natural scientists, instinctively eager to investigate the world around them. 有讽刺意义的是,孩子就是天生的自然科学家,本能地渴望探索周围的世界。 2. This began a barrage of questions that lasted nearly two hours. 一下子一大堆这样的问题就提了出来,时间持续了将近两个小时。

3. Science is not just facts but the meaning that people give to them- by weaving information into a story about how nature probably operates. 科学不仅仅是事实,而是人们赋予它的内涵--即各项信息汇总成为大自然的有根据的运行实况。 4. Studies over the past three decades have shown that after asking a question, adults typically wait only one second or less for a response- no time for a child to think. 过去30年的研究也表明了这一点,当问了一个问题后,成年人一般等待回答的时间也就是1秒钟甚至更少,没有留出时间让孩子进行思考。

5. Instead, keep the ball rolling by saying, “That’s interesting” or “I’d never thought of it that way before”, or coming up with more questions or


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