VSP-MA (Management Automation) 2016 Test


How can the blueprint capability of the VMware Cloud Management Platform assist DevOps teams?

The Virtualization Lead of a prospective customer has e-mailed you, inquiring about what automation cloud management options are available with VMware. Which of these best describes the concerns of the Virtualization Lead role, specifically in regards to the Automated IT to IaaS use case?

Customer: “CloudBolt automates provisioning and management as well, and their solution is cheaper.” What should you respond with first?

DevOps teams want to automate as much of the development cycle as possible. How does the

VSP-MA (Management Automation) 2016 Test

VSP-MA (Management Automation) 2016 Test

VSP-MA (Management Automation) 2016 Test

VMware Cloud Management Platform support automation of the development pipeline?

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