Low-Voltage IF Transceiver with



________________General Description


The MAX2510 is a highly integrated IF transceiver fordigital wireless applications. It operates from a +2.7V too+2.7V to +5.5V Single-Supply Operation+5.5V supply voltage and features four operatingoComplete Receive Path: 600MHz (max) 1st IF tomodes for advanced system power management.30MHz (max) 2nd IFSupply current is reduced to 0.2µA in shutdown mode.In a typical application, the receiver downconverts aoUnique, Wide-Dynamic-Range Downconverterhigh IF/RF (up to 600MHz) to a low IF (up to 30MHz)Mixer Offers -8dBm IIP3, 11dB NFusing a double-balanced mixer. Additional functionso90dB Dynamic-Range Limiter with High-Accuracyincluded in the receiver section are an IF buffer thatRSSI Function can drive an off-chip filter, an on-chip limiting amplifieroffering 90dB of received-signal-strength indicationoDifferential Limiter Output Directly Drives (RSSI), and a robust differential limiter output driverCMOS Inputdesigned to directly drive a CMOS input. The transmit-o100MHz to 600MHz Transmit Quadratureter section upconverts I and Q baseband signals to anModulator with 41dB Sideband SuppressionIF in the 100MHz to 600MHz range using a quadraturemodulator. The transmit output is easily matched too40dB Transmit Gain-Control Range; Up to +1dBmdrive a SAW filter with an adjustable output from 0dBmOutput Powerto -40dBm and excellent linearity.

oAdvanced Power Management (four modes)The MAX2511 has features similar to the MAX2510, butupconverts a low IF with an image-reject mixer. Theo0.2µA Shutdown Supply Current

MAX2511 downconverter also offers image rejectionwith a limiter/RSSI stage similar to that of the MAX2510.


___________________Pin Configuration

PWT1900, Wireless Handsets, and Base StationsPACS, PHS, DECT, and Other PCS WirelessHandsets and Base Stations400MHz ISM TransceiversIF TransceiversWireless Data Links

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