A Word That Has Changed the World(演讲稿两篇-2)


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

A word that has changed the world-“uncertainty” is my answer. I am magnetically drawn to reading history and those historians never fail to display the magic of summarizing human history into simple but not simplistic words, among which uncertainty is surely the most constant theme. Three periods constitute the process of recognizing uncertainty, which also bear witness to the process of changing the world.

Period 1 Uncertainty was formidable

This mentality was deeply reflected in the way people piously burnt incense before laboring. This mentality was also deeply reflected in those cave-paintings for a religious purpose found in Ethiopia, Colombia and Australia. During that period, although people gradually changed the economic and cultural landscape of the world, that change was made in the shadow of a “dependency”. We human beings were like children who tried to make changes but feared to make mistakes, since uncertainty, for us, was formidable.

Period 2 Uncertainty was negligible

As time went by, one after another technological miracle ushered mankind into a brand new age, and more importantly, elevated people’s confidence to an unparalleledly high point. In 1954, the Soviet Union eradicated uncertainty by putting nuclear energy into civilian use; in 1960s, Western countries defeated uncertainty by realizing the green revolution; in 1990s, scientists defeated uncertainty by inventing the World Wide Web. During that period, we human beings, like reckless young men, had stepped out of the shadow of “dependency”, believing that we had become independent and uncertainty for us was negligible. Period 3 Uncertainty is respectable

Finally, after twists and turns, ups and downs, we human being have come to recognize that our relationship with uncertainty is neither dependency nor independency; it is interdependency. And uncertainty for is neither formidable nor negligible; it is respectable. From dependency to independency and to interdependency, from formidable to negligible and to respectable, we human beings have changed our perception of uncertainty, which also drives our odyssey of changing the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, the road ahead is full of uncertainties, but one thing is certain: tomorrow will be a different day and the world will be a different world! Thank you!

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