unit2 重难点


1 Unit

2 How often do you exercise?重难点

1) go shopping 意为“去购物”。Go+ v- ing : 表示进行某项活动。如:

Go swimming/ shopping/skating/skiing/fishing/climbing/hiking

注意:表示“一次或两次”时,一般用once 和twice 表示。如:once a month(一个月一次)而表示“三次或以上”时,则用“数词+times”结构。如:five times a year

(2)how man y times: “多少次”. 其答语表示次数。如:once ,twice ,three times 7. “满的;饱的” …be full of… : The bottle is full of water.瓶子里装满了水。 “忙的”=busy This week is full for me .

6.She says it’s good for my health. 她说那对我的健康有益。

(1)be good for :“对……有好处”。 如:Doing exercise is good for our health.

(2)be good at :“擅长于……” 如:He is good at playing football.

(3) be good to sb./sth: “对……好” 如:The old woman is good to us.

(5) be good with: “与……相处好” 如: The teacher is good with his students.

7.go online = use the Internet :上网 8. Teenager magazine 青少年杂志

9. more than two hours=over two hours:超过 10. go to the dentist: 去看牙医

11. keep healthy = stay healthy = keep in good health: 保持健康

12. ask sb. to do : 叫…做某事 Teacher asked me to clean the classroom. ask sb. not to do sth.: 叫…不要做某事 Teacher asked me not to clean the classroom.

ask sb. about sth. : 问某人某事We asked our students about their free time activities. ask sb. for sth. : 向某人要求… 如:ask teacher for help

13. help sb. with sth. 如:They help me with this problem. 他们帮助你解决这个问题。

help sb.(to )do. 如:They help you (to) solve this problem. 他们帮助你解决这个问题。

14. maybe (adv): 也许,大概 如:Maybe he is at home

15.You can spend time with your friends and family as you play together.

度过(时间) 如:spend the weekend with family 花费(时间、钱) 如: spent 20 yuan for the book

16 not …at all 一点儿也不…… in one ’s free time 在某人的业余时间

the most popular 最受欢迎的

full spend

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