8B Unit5 International charities单元测试卷(B)答案

8B Unit 5 International charities单元测试卷(B)

Class_________ Name_________



( )1.What time is it now?

A.8:30. B.8:25. C.8:20.

( )2.What will Jim probably do tomorrow evening?

A.Host a charity show.

B.Watch TV.

C.G0 to the charity show.

( )3.What did they learn this term?

A.They learned a lot about wildlife in our country.

B.They learned more about history in other countries.

C. They learned a lot about life in other countries,

( )4.How old is the man now?

A.28 years old. B.24 years old. C.26 years old.

( )5.What are they talking about ?

A.The students. B.The interview. C.Protecting the eyes.


( )6.Helen Keller was a great _________woman.

A.English B.American C.Australian

( )7.Helen got seriously ill when_________.

A.she was a baby

B.she was a college student

C.she was very old

( )8._________taught Helen Keller her first word.

A.Her mother B.Her father C.Her teacher

( )9.Helen could hear and see nothing,but she was very_________.

A.bright B.sad C.careful

( )10.Helen was famous because _________.

A.she was blind and deaf(聋的)

B.she had a good teacher

C.she learned to read and write well and helped many blind and deaf people


1.How many_________ (口袋)does the bag have?

2.English is an _________ (国际性的)language,and it is one of the working languages of the UN.

3.The teacher asks us to improve our_________ (技巧)in reading English.

4.I hope I can go abroad for_________ (进一步)study.

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