LED Tube Instructions(double-ended)

Installation Cautions:

1、Before the installation, please switch off the power supply, ensuring the safety

2、Before connecting the power, making sure that LED tube lamp voltage is double ended input solutions.

Installation Steps:

1、Check the bracket (base) circuit, if it is conforming with figure B2 electronic ballast for the traditional T8/T10 fluorescent lamp base circuit, please do as the figure instructions

2、Figure B1 circuit, please remove the electronic ballast, put L and N connect to the base accordingly (Figure B2) 3、After adjusting the circuit, install the LED tube like traditional fluorescent lamp. When connecting to the power supply, please check the tube working well or not.

LED Tube Cautions:

1、In order to make the product operate well, please make the voltage under the nominal range voltage 2、Working Temperature: -20~40℃, working humidity: 30%~85%

3、Please install the product as per the instructions

4、Please do not see the LED lamp directly for long time, high intensity light source will cause the damages to the eyes

5、All the installations should be done after switching off the power

Fault Diagnosis:

If it is not caused by improper operating, please check the causes below. If it is still not solving the problem, please stop using the product and contact qualified engineer and after service people.

When connecting the power supply, it happens to not working or lamp flickers:

1、Please switch off the power, and check and adjust the circuit screw, if lamp two pins match with lamp base metal or not.

2、Please switch off the power and remove the starter. 3、Please ask the professional engineer to check power voltage, check if it is meeting the requirements.


Due to improper installation, violating the safety standard and product operating rules, causing the product

damages, are not under the warranty. For the product quality problem under warranty, it shall be resolved by repairing, change the components, or replace the new products.


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