【K12教育学习资料】2019高考英语一轮达标 Unit 1 Art练题(含解析)新人教版选修6


Unit 1 Art



Two years ago,Dimas Aliprandi and Elton Plaster didn't know of each other's existence.Then they learned they had been switched at birth by mistake more than 20 years ago.The discovery didn't bring bitterness.Rather,it led to the creation of a bigger family.

The chain of events started with Dimas,who was always wondering why he did not look like the four sisters he grew up with.He was 14 when his doubts grew after watching a TV news report on babies getting switched at birth because of mistakes at hospitals.He wanted to do a DNA test,but it was too expensive for the family.

A decade later,Dimas did it on his own.The DNA test showed that he was not the birth son of the man and woman who had raised him.The news was a shock for his parents.They at first refused to believe the results,but eventually decided to help him look for his biological parents.

The search began at the Madre Regina Protmann Hospital where records were checked.The hospital searched its records and found Elton Plaster was born there on the same day.

The records led Dimas to the 35­acre farm where Plaster lived with his parents,Nilza and Adelson,in the town of Santa Maria de Jetiba,about 30 miles from the Aliprandi home in Joao Neiva.After tests,the Plasters discovered that Elton was the biological son of the man and woman that Dimas had been calling Mom and Dad for 24 years.Meanwhile,the couple Elton had always regarded as his biological parents were Dimas' parents.

About a year ago,Aliprandi and the parents who raised him accepted an offer from the Plasters to move to their farm,where they built a home.“This is the way it should be,” Adelson Plaster recently told Globo TV.“We are all together and I now have two sons living and working here.”

1.Who was the first to discover the baby switch?

A.Elton Plaster. B.Dimas Aliprandi.

C.Globo TV. D.The hospital.

2.Where do the Aliprandis now live?

A.In Sao Pauo.

B.In Joao Neiva.


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