Factory Inspection Requirements for HUA-AV-ITE

CCC - New Factory Inspection Requirements

Factory Inspection Requirements for Compulsory Certification of Household and Similar Use Appliances, Information Technology

Products, Audio and Video Devices

In order to ensure certified products in batch production are consistent with the samples approved by type testing, the factory shall comply with the factory inspection requirements in this document. Factory mentioned in this document covers applicant, certificate holder, manufacturer and factory.

1 Responsibility

Factory shall define the responsibilities and inter-relations of all the personnel involved with China Compulsory Certification requirements and product consistency.

1.1 Factory shall appoint a competent quality manager who shall have responsibility and authority for the following areas:

a) ensuring that the requirements of this documents are effectively implemented and maintained by the factory.

b) ensuring that certified products meet the requirements of certification standards and are consistent with the approved type test samples.

c) understanding and comply with the usage and marking requirements of compulsory product certification, conditions of cancellation, suspension and withdrawal.

1.2 Factory shall appoint a contact person responsible for China Compulsory Certification from the organization. This individual will take responsibility for keeping in touch with the certification body, tracking and understanding updates to requirements and regulations regarding China Compulsory Certification. Contact person will be responsible for timely notification of any changes within their organization.

The contact person shall be aware of, and understand the following:

a) Most current revision of compulsory certification implementation rules and product certification standards, issuance and revision of other relevant certification documents

b) status of CCC certificates

c) result of national or provincial surveillance sampling check

1.3 Factories that wish to pursue a streamlined certification process shall establish a system of authorization for changing critical components. The factory shall appoint a competent “Technical Manager” who is responsible to maintain the certified product’s consistency. The “Technical Manager” must be approved by the certification body in advance. The “Technical Manager” will review changes

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