Welding and Joining of Titanium Aluminides


Materials 2014, 7, 4930-4962; doi:10.3390/ma7074930 materials

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Welding and Joining of Titanium Aluminides

Jian Cao *, Junlei Qi, Xiaoguo Song and Jicai Feng

State Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding and Joining, Harbin Institute of Technology,

Harbin 150001, China; E-Mails: jlqi@http://www.51wendang.com (J.Q.); songxg@http://www.51wendang.com (X.S.);

feng_jicai@http://www.51wendang.com (J.F.)

* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-Mail: cao_jian@http://www.51wendang.com;

Tel./Fax: +86-451-8641-8146.

Received: 10 March 2014; in revised form: 19 June 2014 / Accepted: 20 June 2014 /

Published: 25 June 2014

Abstract: Welding and joining of titanium aluminides is the key to making them more

attractive in industrial fields. The purpose of this review is to provide a comprehensive

overview of recent progress in welding and joining of titanium aluminides, as well as to

introduce current research and application. The possible methods available for titanium

aluminides involve brazing, diffusion bonding, fusion welding, friction welding and reactive

joining. Of the numerous methods, solid-state diffusion bonding and vacuum brazing have been most heavily investigated for producing reliable joints. The current state of

understanding and development of every welding and joining method for titanium

aluminides is addressed respectively. The focus is on the fundamental understanding of

microstructure characteristics and processing–microstructure–property relationships in the

welding and joining of titanium aluminides to themselves and to other materials.

Keywords: welding; joining; titanium aluminides; microstructure; mechanical properties

1. Introduction

Titanium aluminides have attracted great interest due to their high melting point, low density, high elastic ratio and good oxidation resistance [1–3]. Furthermore, intensive activity has been reported on the research and development of advanced titanium aluminides for high temperature structural applications during the last two decades [4–6]. Titanium aluminides are proposed as the most promising alternative light weight heat-resistant materials for heat-resistant steels and superalloys in

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