The Most Interesting Party

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The Most Interesting Party

It was in my sixth grade of my primary school, I sat next to my class monitor and we had a good freindship. We would graduate from primary school soon, and he decided to hold a birthday party for me because my birthday was close to the day of leaving premary school. It was hard to successfully held the party ,but the process was really funny.

Firstly, my good friend —the monitor annouced his thinking and the plan for the party to the classmates, and a majority of students wanted to participate in the party. Several days later , my birthday was comnig, and we starded it on schedules. In the afternoon of that day, when we finished our class, we stayed in the classroom the place we would hold my party. However,Our party even didn’t start when the head-teacher came to the classroom and ask us to leave then. We didn’t know how he knew we would had a party in classroom. So that many of my classmates went home, and some of my close friends included our monitor got togather and decided that they must held this party for me. At that moment I really felt happy in my inner heart though I didn’t notice that was freindship. At last ,we decided to hold it at one of my friends’ home which her parents didn’t at home.

We held the party in their. And they didn’t offer me a big and wonderful birthday party, just some snacks that paid with their pocket money they collected. But, we had a good time ,playing games, singing song, dancing and so on. When we decided to go home, it had already 9pm. I got home and knew that my father was looking for me in outside. The next day, I noticed that the parents of all my friends who attended the party looked for us in the school and let our head-teacher know the thing . And our head-teacher required each of us to write a self-criticism .

The party was over, it was an unforgettable memory which brought lots of happiness.

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