The lake of heaven

Unit 5 The Lake of Heaven

I. Teaching aims

1. To train the students’ ability of comprehension by skimming and scanning. 2. To let students know how to write a composition about describing some place. II. Teaching procedure

Step I Check the answers of their preview work Step II Learn about the text ※ Fast reading

Find out the main idea of each paragraph. Paragraph1: The introduction of___________ Paragraph2: The introduction of_______ Paragraph3: __________about Tianchi. Paragraph4:

Drop a_____ into TianChi to________________________. ※Careful reading

Read the passage carefully. Try to find out some details about each paragraph and finish the following exercises.

Answer the questions

1) What is a nature reserve?

The lake of heaven

2) What kinds of sights can you see in Tianchi?

※ Test ※ Practice

As China’s largest _________ _________, Changbaishan is _______ to a great diversity of rare plants and animals. Every year some people come to study its ________ plants and animals while others come to see the ______________ waterfalls or to breathe in the hot water pools, of which Tianchi is the greatest _________. Formed in the crater of a dead volcano, Tianchi is 2,194 meters ___________, and more than 200 meters deep. There you can be ___________ __________ not only the sight of its clear water but also its moving story. Besides, you’ll be __________ enough to drop a coin into the clear blue water to _________your deep and lasting love. StepIII. Writing


● Lianhua hot pools, unique plants → why the place is famous ●Guangdong Province → its location ●500 meters~1,000 meters → its height

●enjoy spectacular scenery and bathe in the hot pools → what you can do there ●experience nature, bathing is good for health → how good it is for you

※ Group discussion 合作要求:

1、小组内进行作文互评、互赏。 要点是否齐全?

结构是否连贯?句子是否通顺? 语法错误多不多? 有无佳句?

2、小组展评时每组推出一篇较好的作文,并由小组内一名成员展示。 StepIV Homework

写一篇关于沂水温泉的短文,80—100词内容包括: 1. 为什么出名:地下水加热 2.可做的事:温泉浴,观景 3.温泉浴对身体的好处:


洗温泉会比较放松,对精神压力有很好的舒缓作用。 4. 规模:260亩,有38个温泉

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