there be 句型习题

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There be 句型练习题

一、Fill in the blanks with "have、has" or "there is、 There are"

1、I _________ a good father and a good mother.

2、_________ a telescope on the desk.

3、He _________ a tape-recorder.

4、_________ a basketball in the playground.

5、She _________ some dresses.

6、They _________ a nice garden.

7、What do you _________?

8、_________ a reading room in the building.

9、What does Mike _________?

10、_________ any books in the bookcase?

11、_________ a storybook on the table.

12、_________ any flowers in the vase?

13、How many students _________ in the classroom?

14、My parents _________ some nice pictures.

15、_________some maps on the wall.

16、My father _________ a storybook.

17、_________ a map of the world on the wall.

18、David _________ a telescope.

19、David 's friends _________ some tents.

20、_________ many children on the hill.

二、用恰当的be 动词填空。

1、There _________ a lot of sweets in the box.

2、There _________ some milk in the glass.

3、There _________ some people under the big tree.

4、There _________ a picture and a map on the wall.

5、There _________ a box of rubbers near the books.


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