TESOL 初级Assignments 2018.4


Class: TESOL for children programme

Date: 04.20.2018

Assignment 1-5

1.Which age group would you like to teach the most and why?

●High School Age Development(14-17)1

I want to teach students about subjects like economics, statistics and

business-related courses. The students who age at this period have already learned English for 6-10 years, which makes the verbal-based instructions and lectures easier understood by students. Teachers who would like to give lectures about more abstract concepts which requires students the higher perception and English skills. Students meet requirement with enough English reading and writing skills can take subjects like economics, history and mathematics.

●Describe the characteristics of your 3 most influential teachers

throughout childhood.

1.piano teacher Gao:She always asked me training daily and she

was very serious about the weekly progress I made after the

last course she had given. Keep playing piano for 8 years

everyday influences me a lot. Gao was not a teacher with mild

personality, and she was always demanding in my memory.

2.Host training teacher Wei: He is the most talented teacher I had

ever met. He did not talk concepts much during our one-to-one

course. I recited the poem over and over, and he gave

feedback about every word and tone. We concentrated on the

feedback and made adjustments on one piece of poem again

and again. He told me if I want to get the China Teenager Host

Award I just needed to mimic his version of recite. There was

rules for appreciation of speech sounds, but it was unnecessary 1 TESOL for Children Certificate,2018,Page5

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