PC-Dmis Cad++ True Position-Use Datums_info

PC-Dmis Cad++高级应用之 匹配基准最大实体条件应用于参考基准时的补偿说明

True Position – PC-DMIS 3.7MR2

Created by: Rob Jensen, Brown & Sharpe

The Use Datums option in the True Position window allows the analysis to be performed in two ways: from the active alignment or from a mathematical Virtual Hard Gage simulation. All examples reference the illustration below (Features, Datums and Alignment).

PC-Dmis Cad++ True Position-Use Datums_info

Use Datums: OFF

and when checking the Position of one or multiple features (single feature or a pattern) from a Datum Reference Frame. Bonus tolerance is only available on the feature(s).

Therefore, the active alignment must be set up to reflect the specified Datum Reference Frame before creating the True Position dimension(s).

“375=“005; [ä|?.)!)é|A|B|C]

PC-Dmis Cad++ True Position-Use Datums_info

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