Tellurite photonic crystal fiber


Tellurite photonic crystal fiber

V. V. Ravi Kanth Kumar, A. K. George, J. C. Knight, P. St. J. Russell

Optoelectronics Group, Department of Physics, University of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK.

Abstract: We report the fabrication of a Tellurite photonic crystal fiber, and

demonstrate its waveguiding properties. The measured minimum loss is 2.3

dB/m at a wavelength of 1055 nm. The fiber supports several modes, but in

practice just the fundamental mode can be used. We have observed strong

stimulated Raman scattering in a fiber with an effective area Aeff=21.2µm2,

using sub-ns, ~ 1 µJ pump pulses at 1064 nm.

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OCIS codes: (060.2280) Fibre design and fabrication, (160.2290) fiber materials, (060.2270)

fiber characterisation, (060.4370) nonlinear optics, fibres and (290.5910) scattering, stimulated


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1. Introduction

In recent years photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) have found applications in diverse areas of science and technology [1,2]. A PCF is a fine strand of glass with air holes running along its length, which give it the ability to confine and guide light. PCF’s range from highly periodic structures within which light is trapped in a large central air hole by a photonic bandgap, through to strongly-confining waveguides where a fine strand of glass is supported only by a web of far finer strands within a protective jacket: effectively an encapsulated glass core #2921 - $15.00 USReceived August 26, 2003; Revised September 30, 2003

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Tellurite photonic crystal fiber

Tellurite photonic crystal fiber

6 October 2003 / Vol. 11, No. 20 / OPTICS EXPRESS 2641

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